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Obama’s Executive Order 12425 (interpol)

January 2, 2010 Leave a comment

” A few days ago Recliner Commentaries commented on President Obama’s quietly-passed executive order allowing Interpol to operate in America, unrestrained by the U.S. Constitution or American law.

Today, Larry O’Connor wonders aloud if any reporters would ask our president:

“Mr. President, is it true that due to your amendment to Executive Order 12425, INTERPOL may break into a home without a warrant, seize private property of a US citizen, hold a citizen for questioning without the right of legal representation and not be subject to any legal or criminal repercussion?”

I have to wonder, under this executive order, what would prevent a future corrupt President from exerting influence on Interpol to have his or her political enemies arrested and deported for trial, let’s say, for example, for hate crimes violations due to “defaming” Islam or speaking out against homosexuality?”

Quote from The Recliner Commentaries

Ok now our suppose to be great leader is taking our rights away without anyone knowing about it! How can this be legal? Interpol has no right to just barge into my house and take what they want, or imprison me without some set of rules to follow. If interpol was aloud to treat American citizens like this, then what’s stopping our president from having complete control? I do believe Obama is trying to take over our country and all he really cares about is the power he has and how he can get more of it. Since he’s been in office he has done nothing to help Americans, but has taken sides against America every chance he has gotten. If we don’t stand up against this tyrant now then soon we won’t have the ability to even question his doing without being thrown in jail or executed. We can not sit back and watch this mad man take control of our country any longer. He should be impeached for not upholding the constitution, not receiving a nobel peace prize. America is on the verge of becoming the next Roman empire with Obama playing the role of Caesar.


Rush Limbaugh

December 31, 2009 7 comments

Wow I’m amazed at how heartless some people are. I’m monitoring twitter and reading some of the most disturbing comments about Rush Limbaugh. I can’t begin to count all the times I read that someone wishes him dead. Just goes to show how liberals think, “all about themselves”. Well my thoughts on this matter are that Mr. Limbaugh does an great job at exposing the truth. Many people do not like hearing the truth. So therefore they don’t like him. My prayers go out to you Rush Limbaugh, keep up the fight. One day this nation will realize you were right and they will still hate you for it.

tweets about Rush Limbaugh-

“MargoEve If we had any doubt that she is a true class act: RT @maddow All best wishes to Mr. Limbaugh tonight, for a full and speedy recovery.”

“ntxjeran RT @paulfreed I hope Pres. O visits that asshole Limbaugh n the hosp jst to prov he’s a bigger man that king dittohead //don’t hld ur breath”

“erinbriordan F’ing awesome RT @ghawi: Haha! “Rush Limbaugh has heart attack in Hawaii. Must have found Obama’s birth certificate” (via @yowhatupT)”

“REDHK wonder if @maddow’s robot folwrs will take her classy lead RT @maddow All best wishes to Mr. Limbaugh tonight for full & speedy recovery”

“ericford I told @lcsweeney that Limbaugh was rushed (har har) to the hospital. Her response? “Good, one less person to influence my dad’s politics.”

“RealAE @Ajjenkins07 out of context? “u mean to tell me there aint nobody brave enough in hawaii hospital to put a pillow over rush limbaugh head?”

I have to say it saddens me to read these comments about a fellow American. When we sit back and allow terrorist to have more rights than a talk show host it just goes to show that our country is heading for disaster!

I would like to get as many comments as possible on this post so I can send it to Rush Limbaugh and show our support.