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Self defense.

June 16, 2010 9 comments

So last Friday my roommates and I had our house broken into by a couple guys. They jumped my one roommate while my other roommate was in his room still. Well my roommate came out of his room and grabbed the one guy and beat him to the point you couldn’t recognize his face. The cops show up and take the report, but never arrested the guys who broke in. Now we’re getting threats because the one guy got beat up so bad. My opinion is if you break into someones house you deserve whatever you get out from it. What’s your opinion? Should my roommates have not done anything? What would you do if this happend to you?


Avenged Seven Fold Drummer Dead

December 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Sullivan, who went by the stage name The Rev, appears to have died of natural causes, Huntington Beach police Lt. John Domingo said. Police were notified by firefighters who had responded to Sullivan’s home about 1 p.m.
Above is I believe to be one the best songs ever made by this band and if you listen to the music you can tell that The Rev truly was a gifted musician. You will be missed.

Arguing with idiots

December 26, 2009 Leave a comment

I am currently reading my Christmas present. My grandpa got me Glenn Becks “Arguing with Idiots” and I love it. It’s a good read for anyone into politics.

Balloon boy parents sentenced

December 23, 2009 3 comments

“FORT COLLINS, Colo. (AP) — The couple who carried out the balloon boy hoax have both been sentenced to jail.

A judge on Wednesday sentenced Richard Heene to 90 days in jail, including 60 days of work release that will let him pursue work as a construction contractor while doing his time. Mayumi Heene was sentenced to 20 days behind bars after her husband’s release.

Both were also sentenced to four years probation and have been barred from profiting from the balloon spectacle during that time.

Heene choked back tears as he said he was sorry, especially to the rescue workers who chased down false reports that his 6-year-old son had floated away in a balloon.

Prosecutors are still seeking to recover the costs of the search and investigation which they say could exceed $50,000.”

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It’s really sad that people will do anything for fame these days. With reality tv becoming a booming business we have created a nation of people who devote more time to how they can become a star by acting like stupid idiots than they do to who running their country. The fact that we have to waste tax money searching for a missing boy who is sitting in an attic is absolutely ridiculous.  This couple should be ashamed that they are that desperate for attention.