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Health Care Reform Bill.

This is what we get for electing socialist retards to office. A health care reform bill that no one has read and will cost Americans trillions of dollars. I’ve added some videos and a copy of what cnn posted yesterday. I
would love to hear peoples thoughts on this health care bill. My personal opinion is that this bill will bring about the end of America and freedom. Welcome to the COMMUNIST STATES OF AMERICA.

This is the link to cnn website. CNN- House passes health care bill

  1. Saddays
    December 23, 2009 at 9:30 am

    All I have to say about this health care bill is

    this, its not right to force people into getting

    something they might not want! Look I already pay a

    3rd of my income to dam taxes and fees, now they

    want to force health insurance on me too. I don’t

    want to have to pay some big fat insurance company

    the rest of my income! You have to have car

    insurance and now health insurance too! What if I

    can’t afford it? What if I have a better use for my

    money then to put it in the hands of people like

    AIG! Haven’t the rich robbed the poor enough? Look

    insurance is just a bet between you and the

    insurance company, your betting that you’ll need the

    money on the policy, and they are betting that you

    don’t, but they win no matter what! So you pay the

    insurance company for the rest of your life hoping

    something bad happens so you can use it and its sad!

    Some says what if, but I say it should be my right

    to choose if I want it or not! The US is becoming

    more communist more everyday, force people to buy

    into a bet is just wrong! Is that why the soldiers

    died to defend their right to force us to do what

    they want? I hope not, so please someone stop these

    sorry a-holes and make this country great again!

  2. December 23, 2009 at 7:04 pm

    Well according to Obama this is the first time he’s ever been proud of America. So all he is really saying is that he is proud to see the down fall of the ideals of our nation. The vary things our friends and neighbors are over seas fighting for is what Obama hates about this nation. Health care in this country is already the best in the world, all we need is a bit more refining. What we don’t need is one more thing the government can control.

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